Vacancies for 2021

Do not underestimate the demands this job will impose on you.

This is hard work and a hard life. Our tents are erected by hand and they’re heavy.

We don’t necessarily stop for bad weather, darkness, tiredness etc.

Our crews are normally expected to camp on site, and cater for themselves, in conditions which can sometimes be poor.

However, if you can accept all of the above, for the right people it is a unique, challenging and highly satisfying way of life.

It is seasonal, usually starting in May and ending in September. In 2021 of course, it will inevitably be unpredictably different.

A very high percentage of any year’s crew usually return the next year.

Our crew members tend to be young (mostly 19-29).

Most had previous experience of physical/practical work.

None had previous experience working with tents.