Hire Notes: Requirements

Our crews are generally self-contained.

However as a condition of the hire agreement we do ask you to meet the following requirements:

Power supply
Kayam / Concert Tent: No power requirements
Valhalla: 2-6 pole: 60kVA 3 phase, 8-12 pole: 90kVA 3 phase during build & break periods.
An additional 16 amp single phase supply is required at all times while the Valhalla tent is erected.

Crew Accommodation:
Our crew can stay on site with their own camping accommodation if a suitable designated area, toilets, washing facilities and a 16 amp power supply are available from when we arrive. If this is not possible, our crew will need basic accommodation provided near the site.

Telescopic 3.5 tonne lift, all-terrain, forklifts are needed for our drivers use during our build & break.
Kayam: One 7m (minimum) reach.
Concert Tent: Two 7m (minimum) reach.
Valhalla: 2/4 pole: Two 10m (minimum) reach.
6 pole: Three 10m (minimum) reach.
8/10 pole: Five 10m (minimum) reach
Access to forklifts may also be needed at other times during the hire period.
Forklifts should have an auxiliary hydraulic take-off for our machinery.
Manufacturers that provide suitable machinery are: Merlo, Manitou, Cat, JCB. (other brands are available and probably suitable) If in doubt, please call us.

Tent Walling:
Walling is normally erected after tent handover to ease access for other contractors and equipment.
Kayam / Concert Tent: Full fabric walls included. Exit doors or tunnels are available at an additional charge.
Valhalla: Fabric walling to one end of the tent only (backstage area) is included. Further walling can be provided by arrangement but will require additional build time & provision of working platforms (“scissor-lifts” or “cherry pickers”). Unless the site is a hard-surface, these machines need all-terrain capability.

Signs & Banners:
Can be fixed to the tent structure – but please ask us first. Fixing banners after the poles are erected can be dangerous. Materials and fittings must be adequate to withstand winds at up to 24m above the ground.

Internal Rigging:
Standard poles can hold an additional direct download of up to:
Kayam / Concert Tent: 500kg each pole. Valhalla: 2500kg each pole.
Poles with higher load bearing capabilities are available for both tents by arrangement.

Additional loading may affect the structural stability of the tent. Any lateral element in loading requires separate consideration. Our crew on site will be happy to help and advise on any rigging, but the hirer must obtain prior approval for any additional loads from both ourselves and, if necessary, the LA officer responsible for the safety of structures.

If separate engineers calculations are required these can be provided, but are at the hirers expense.
Trussing spanning the masts should be on short slings, not close-coupled. We are happy to discuss imposed loads and methods of suspension with the subcontractors concerned. This should happen during the planning stage.