Technical and Safety Details

Kayam takes its Health and Safety responsibilities very seriously and constantly updates its safety policies and risk assessments in the light of ongoing experience at the many events we attend.

Temporary installations of large structures will by their nature offer major risks, and even more so when they are used by large, excited crowds of people.

Because we both design and operate our tents, our tentmasters are able to work directly with our engineers to feed new, practical safety details into each successive programme of manufacture.

Our technical team are always on hand whenever our structures are erected to offer advice, and learn from each new circumstance our crews encounter.

We are committed to working closely with promoters, venue managers and security and stewarding companies to learn from changing patterns of crowd behaviour, improve safety standards and reduce risks across our industry.

We believe that effective risk management is best achieved by providing an environment where designer and manufacturer, venue managers and stewards, tentmasters and crew can all input into an ongoing process of practical and informed risk management.

The links below will show you how the Kayam systems work and how the designs have evolved, along with all of our technical documents and policies.

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Kayam Sections

Here are all the available Kayam Sections, CAD users - build yourself a Concert Tent!

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Technical Documents

General documents, and technical documents relating to the Kayam, Valhalla, and Concert Tents.

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Our crews are generally self-contained. However as a condition of the hire agreement we do ask you to supply the following.

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Roof Heights

We performed a detailed roof survey of our tents with a laser measuring device.