The Concert Tent

The 16-Pole Concert TentHas three arms, provides a completely unique space: 5,000 – 10,000 sqm (53,820 – 107,640 sq ft)

Demand for tents larger than our Kayam range presented us with a problem – making our standard Kayams much longer by adding more middles would have made rather a long thin space with parts of the audience too distant from the stage.

Additionally, when tiered seating is used, the rake of the seating would reach the roof of the tent before the full audience space was used.

The favoured design joined together 3 Kayam end sections at an angle, effectively forming a much larger auditorium space with no area wasted by poor sightlines and making a truly spectacular appearance.

Any number of extra middles can be added to any arm of the tent forming extremely versatile venues from 5000 sq metres upwards.