Kayam & Covid-19

Martin’s thoughts, 6th October 2020.

Well. I don’t think that 2020 is going to end up being anyone’s favourite year. Memorable perhaps, but rubbish.

Here we are at the end of a season which, in February looked as though it would be at least as busy as any before it. Then came “Lockdown”, but even then (it’s hard to believe it now) we thought that we would be back up and running by July, and we were negotiating with our clients who had postponed their gigs into the Autumn. Then it slowly dawned on us that the whole summer’s schedule was a mirage. One by one solid dates approached only to reveal themselves as having been mere spectral hazes.

Now, here we are. The autumn winds and rain have arrived. The weather is reminding us that the quiet months are ahead. Usually it’s a good feeling to be settling in for the winter with a busy summer under our belt. Lots of time ahead to make exciting plans for next year. This time it just feels wrong.

Kayam, like more or less everyone else in the Events Industry, has had no income for 12 months. Virtually no help from the government and no prospect of any income for a long time yet.

We are clinging on and we intend to be there when the new future starts. We like challenges but the challenges ahead are big scary ones. Especially when you take into account the dreaded Br*x*t.

We really hope that all our friends in this pandemic-beleaguered industry are OK and, like us, will leap back into action whenever the circumstances allow it. We cannot wait to get back out there. If nothing else, this extraordinary year has reminded us how much we love doing what we do.


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