The Kayam Concept

kayamconceptKayam structures are a modular design.

The smallest Kayam tent has two poles. This would consist of two end sections. Ends are 40m wide and

17.5m deep internally:


A middle section can be added to increase size.

One middle would increase the structure to a four pole. The tent shown would be 40m wide and 50m long:


You can use as many middles as you need.

Middles can keep being added until you have reached your target number of square metres.

We have 15M and 20M middle sections – Here is a 14 pole Kayam with 2x ends, 3x 15M middles and 3x 20M middles. This tent is 40m x 140m:


Use a Triangle and build a Concert Tent.

To create a Concert Tent, we use our standard Kayam ends and middles and join them together with a joining triangle:


Use a Stage Cover and build an outside stage.

To create an outdoor stage, we use our special Stage Cover end section combined with standard ends & middles: