Specification Sheets

Here are just a few examples – Many more layouts of the Kayam and Concert Tents are possible.

Click on a structure to view it’s spec sheet (opens PDF in a new window).

Kayam Range – 50M wide (40M wide to the wall line)

Please note that these examples all use our 20M middle sections. 15M middle sections are available.


Valhalla Range – 85M Wide (73M wide to the wall line)



Concert Tent Range

There are many, many permutations of a Concert Tent! Please contact us for a layout specific to your requirements.


Seating and standing capacities are approximate and intended as a guide only.

An allowance is made for stage and back stage areas, but capacities will vary with stage dimensions and sight-line requirements.

Standing audience capacities are calculated at 0.4 sq m per person.

Permitted densities may be greater or smaller than this depending upon current regulations.

Tiered seating is as specified by a leading UK supplier and assumes a 150mm rise.

Capacities may be greater or smaller with other seating systems.

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